Light bulb!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve finally figured it out. All this time I was waiting to nest, hoping I’d get everything done around the house that needs to be done: wash the dishes, wash the clothes, put away the clothes, clean out the fridge… I even made a list of stuff to do so that when the urge struck, I wouldn’t forget anything. I never once took into account that who I am is so deeply ingrained that I don’t nest like most human beings.

We talked once about how I don’t operate within the bounds of the normal spheres other people exist in. It never occurred to me, though, that it’s in my nature to think unnecessary things are absolutely necessary. I stopped for a moment today and realized that I’ve been nesting for the last two days.

These are the things I’ve accomplished:

  • Finished reading the box of comic books my friend lent me.
  • Found two pairs of socks for the hospital.
  • Grocery-shopped for pasta salad stuff.
  • Transfered the latest pictures from the camera to the computer.
    • Organized them in the Pictures folder.
    • Uploaded a few to facebook.
  • Emailed two friends.
  • Decided to get my hair cut.
  • Wrote a blog entry about nesting.
The dishes and clothes and fridge are not done, but man, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Now I’m ready for Enis Reloaded to get here. If I get a chance, I’ll tell you why he’s coming on Friday.

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