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Not Your Grandma’s Cover Reveal!

…unless your grandma likes reading about futuristic genetically-upgraded super soldiers (holla at ya boi, adeptus astartes fankins!), or you’re one of my future grandkids looking through ancient internet archives to see what your granny used to do. If that’s the case, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

But if that’s not the case, feast your peepers on this luscious pinup of a sci-fantasy cover:


Straight up awesome, right?

Soul Jar is book three in the Jubal Van Zandt novels and it hits digital shelves next Friday, July 14th. It promises to be a rip-roaring chainsword of a good time, what with Carina stuck in virtual reality playing a deadly pagan priestess, and Jubal dragging Nickie-boy across the Revived Earth on a broventure he’s hoping one of them won’t come back from.

So, if you haven’t read the first two books, now’s your chance. You can get Revenge of the Bloodslinger here, and Beautiful Corpse here. They’ve been described as Fallout: New Vegas meets Space Marines, which is a gross exaggeration of how good my books are, but I had almost as much fun writing them as I had playing those games, so I’m not going to try very hard to discourage the comparison.

The Most Beautiful Corpse

It’s finally here! Beautiful Corpse (Jubal Van Zandt Book 2) has exploded onto digital shelves at your local Amazon!

Check out this sick cover:



























Seriously, Shadow Alley Press is spoiling me to death with all this eye candy. I’m going to end up with eye diabetes before this series is finished.

And if the cover wasn’t enough to entice you, here’s the blurb:

The best thief in the history of the Revived Earth is back, and this time it’s personal.

A deadly plague is ravaging the world’s population and threatening to kill the only person Jubal Van Zandt cares about—himself. If he doesn’t find a cure soon, he’s dead.

The most promising lead is buried in the ruins of an ancient sunken city stalked by savage predators, cunning parasites, and the twisted souls of long-dead mages. It would take an army to get Jubal inside … or just one of the most renowned knights in Guild history. The one Jubal betrayed and left for dead eighteen months ago.

First Jubal has to convince her not to kill him. Then he has to convince her to help save him.

You can pick it up here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B072M1HVRG

Beautiful Corpse (Book Two) and Revenge of the Bloodslinger (Book One)  will be on sale for only $0.99 all weekend, so get them while they’re cheap.

Super Awesome Eye Candy Cover Reveal Excitement!



It’s the new cover for Revenge of the Bloodslinger! Shadow Alley Press revamped the whole Jubal Van Zandt line in preparation for the upcoming release of Book 2, including this supercalifragilistic new cover.

Now, I don’t want to give anything away early, but the cover for Beautiful Corpse (Jubal Van Zandt Book 2) is going to knock your socks, shoes, and fancy white spats right off right off your feet. So hold on to your top hat and twirl your walking stick as if there isn’t a sword hidden inside because even more excitement is soon to come!