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Day 3: Ratings Hike

Day 3 of this experiment presented me with a plot twist no one could have seen coming: Oak vomitted everywhere and started running a temperature of over 100.

My first thought: What if his fever reaches 104? I’ve got to take him to the ER!

Luckily, Joshua was there to derail that train of thought before it went too far. We have a doctor’s appointment this morning.

My second thought: This is good. I started this 30 Days thing to better take care of my family, now God’s giving me an opportunity to do just that.

But here’s a dilemma I’m finding myself in now: How to balance out comforting a sick toddler who just wants to be held with feeding, holding and caring for an infant who also wants to be held? And now that I think of it, how do I balance that with giving attention to my husband who has been working major overtime this week and needs some extra TLC?

Physically, I’m on my own here. When Josh gets done working mind-boggling shifts, he’s too tired to change diapers and make bottles. I definitely don’t want him to have to make his own supper. This means one of two things–1) someone will have to cry because they’re not being held at some point, and 2) better planning will have to go into meals, i.e. prepping while Oak is napping, feeding Bear more at a time so he’ll eat fewer meals a day, and so on.

Emotionally, however, I’ve got all the help I need. The Holy Spirit totally stepped up on this one. I’m tired, but not irritable. I’m doing everything around the house (including new things like double-washing clothes because I didn’t realize washing machines don’t make vomit disappear, they just distribute it evenly), but I don’t feel overworked. Even hearing Oak whine while Bear screams doesn’t faze me. And I really thank God for that, because–as any mom can tell you–listening to two babies feed off each other’s cries can really eat away at you.

So that’s Day 3, and my guess is probably Day 4, too. Tune in tomorrow to see if the producers can capitalize on this exciting twist!

Fatty Post #1

If you’ve heard the rumors and wondered whether they were true, the answer is yes. I’m going to have a baby at the end of next February or the beginning of March. That leaves a lot of people finger-counting, so I’ll go ahead and give you this: I’m eight weeks and change today, which means my baby is the size of a kidney bean. Gross.

I’ve been told I ought to keep a pregnancy diary so I don’t forget the little things about this miracle. (I don’t deserve to be as sarcastic as I am when I say miracle because of how long Josh and I have been trying to get pregnant. And maybe I’m not as sarcastic as I think.)

Here, in order, are the things I don’t want to forget:

1. More than a week before I took the pregnancy test, I got incredibly dizzy and short of breath while reading a friend’s story. I went to lie down and after a few minutes, and my kitten Gypsy jumped onto the bed to see what was up. She climbed onto my stomach, stopped and smelled the place just below my belly button, then left seeming to have satisfied her curiosity. About 30 minutes later, Abraham, Josh’s kitten and Gypsy’s brother, did the exact same thing.

2. My boobs are huge and, for a little while, my waist was small. That was fun, and you can bet I wasn’t the only one to appreciate that change.

3. I owe dropping about 10 lbs to morning sickness so far. Nature takes over where willpower fails. Lucky for me (or unlucky?), I’m still barfing, though it seems to take a day or a few hours off now and then. The weird thing is that I didn’t start getting sick until about 3 days after I found out I was pregnant.

4. There’s this spot where my stomach has started to stay poking out even when I suck it in. It’s right under my belly button. This, I assume, is where I’m growing my kidney bean. Josh sometimes pushes down on the bottom of my navel and says that it’s solid.

5. We’re calling the baby Enis right now, since that was the name we had picked out a long time ago for our mutant child.

6. Sheila, Josh’s sister, has announced that our baby is a girl. I’m hoping for a boy, but I guess I’ll be happy either way.

And that’s it for now. Maybe in 50 years, when this blog is cross-referenced with my old facebook account and all the fake names I’ve used, and Enis is googling himself, he’ll read why I didn’t really enjoy the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant. Other than the knowing part that is. I do enjoy that.