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Advice to new writers: Don’t plagiarize. Just don’t.

This is the kind of thing that makes authors’ blood run cold…and then ticks them off immensely, even if they’re not the ones being plagiarized. It can also get you into a world of trouble, so take litRPGreview’s advice and just don’t.

GameLit reviews

Update:  Yes, the book was a plagiary.  Amazon removed it from the ebook format and reviewers have already noted that it’s a ripoff.  Strangely, not a word-for-word ripoff, but every major plot point and event was exactly the same.  She also took down her website, I’m guessing because it’s monumentally stupid to try to take a well-known author’s work and pass it off as your own.

Even weirder, the book is from someone proclaiming to be a teacher.  Don’t plagiarize is the first thing you teach in any course.

Tl;dr:  Don’t plagiarize.  If you must plagiarize, at least be creative.  Pick a book that’s out of print, maybe isn’t translated into English so you can rip it off creatively.  Don’t plagiarize a book that’s available in English in ebook format so it’s easy to check out.

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Solar Eclipse Sale!

In honor of the solar eclipse—and also because by happy chance today is the soonest Kindle Countdown would let me discount it—the Redneck Apocalypse Special Edition Box Set is on sale today for only 99 cents. That’s a full $6 off for you math geeks, and 86% off for you clearance saleaholics.

As the product description says, “Follow the Whitney boys from the beginning of the end all the way through the Valley of the Shadow in the award-winning series that readers are calling a ‘dark, twisted yet hopeful, full-throttle dose of mind f*ckery!’” It’s basically an end of the world gift basket.

The box set includes all four books of the Redneck Apocalypse, and because it’s a special edition, the Hell Bent Director’s Cut with Scout’s POV chapters, a never before published Colt and Tiffani short story, deleted scenes, playlists and more. Ever wonder which scenes were so dark that even God Killer couldn’t hold them? Where the idea for that voice-stealing jerk Jason Gudehaus came from? What happened to Tiffani to make her so cold? Then this is the box set for you.

You can pick up your copy on the cheap here.

Not Your Grandma’s Cover Reveal!

…unless your grandma likes reading about futuristic genetically-upgraded super soldiers (holla at ya boi, adeptus astartes fankins!), or you’re one of my future grandkids looking through ancient internet archives to see what your granny used to do. If that’s the case, EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

But if that’s not the case, feast your peepers on this luscious pinup of a sci-fantasy cover:


Straight up awesome, right?

Soul Jar is book three in the Jubal Van Zandt novels and it hits digital shelves next Friday, July 14th. It promises to be a rip-roaring chainsword of a good time, what with Carina stuck in virtual reality playing a deadly pagan priestess, and Jubal dragging Nickie-boy across the Revived Earth on a broventure he’s hoping one of them won’t come back from.

So, if you haven’t read the first two books, now’s your chance. You can get Revenge of the Bloodslinger here, and Beautiful Corpse here. They’ve been described as Fallout: New Vegas meets Space Marines, which is a gross exaggeration of how good my books are, but I had almost as much fun writing them as I had playing those games, so I’m not going to try very hard to discourage the comparison.