No More Mr. Nice Troll

You guys want to see something awesome? Then check this out:

Roark von Graf—hedge mage and lesser noble of Traisbin—is one of only a handful of Freedom fighters left, and he knows the Resistance’s days are numbered. Unless they do something drastic … 

But when a daring plan to unseat the Tyrant King goes awry, Roark finds himself on the run through an interdimensional portal, which strands him in a very unexpected location: an ultra-immersive fantasy video game called Hearthworld. He can’t log out, his magic is on the fritz, and worst of all, he’s not even human. He’s a low-class, run-of-the-mill Dungeon monster. Some disgusting, blue-skinned creature called a Troll. At least there’s one small silver lining—Roark managed to grab a powerful magic artifact on his way through the portal, and with it he might just be able to save his world after all.

Unless, of course, the Tyrant King gets to him first …

Release Date: July 24th, 2018

Preorder available now on Amazon.

Pretty friggin’ epic, right? I wrote this nasty little baby with the outlaw king James Hunter, author of the Viridian Gate Online and Yancy Lazarus series, two of my favorite series in all of fictiondom. Rogue Dungeon is (obviously) a dungeon core litRPG about a dungeon that goes rogue. Heroes beware: No more Mr. Nice Troll here. It’s heavy on the darkness because dungeon, heavy on the trolls because I am one, and heavy on the 14th century Italian fencing vocab because everybody’s got to have a hobby. The only thing it’s light on is calories, at almost zero. I know that sounds too good to be true, but you can read this whole book without gaining a single ounce!

I’m crazy excited. Writing about Roark’s transition from waging war against a tyrant to facing off with MMORPG heroes was an insane amount of fun, and I can’t wait for you guys to sink your reading fangs into it. If you want to be the first to know when Rogue Dungeon hits a digital shelf near you, sign up here or preorder your copy here.


Do you believe in Bigfoot?

As some of you know, I’ve been working on this awesome new series called Legend of the Treesinger with the UF/litRPG outlaw king himself, James Hunter. The first book in the series, Two-Faced, is up for preorder on Amazon now and set to hit digital shelves March 22nd. It’s part buddy-cop adventure, part fish-out-of-water, all Bigfoot. It’s also kind of a departure for me in that the heroine, Winona, isn’t a terrible person. She’s not a person at all, in fact. Here’s the blurb to prove it:

Winona Treesinger is a Bigfoot—and no, she doesn’t just have large feet. She’s an eight-foot tall walking myth and the last great princess of the People of the Forest.

All she and her people want is to dwell in the deep places of the forest, well away from mankind and the destruction they bring to the land and the world. But when Winona hears about a string of grisly murders in the nearby city of Missoula, she knows in her gut it’s the work of an ancient evil, driven away from their lands long ago.

Against the wishes of her Father, Chief Chankoowashtay, Winona must leave the forest and venture into the world of men, disguised as a frail human, in order to set the balance straight and stop the killings. And with the help of a handsome, slick-talking city detective named Chris Fuller, she might be able to do it. But if Chris finds out what she really is, stopping the creature might be the least of her worries …

Pretty sweet, right? And you haven’t even seen the cover yet. Check out this little beautyand please, feel free to judge the book by it:


This has been a crazy-fun project, and James and I have had a blast working on it. If you guys enjoy reading Two-Faced half as much as we did writing it… Well, that’s math, and I’m no mathmagician, but according to these calculations, that’s a lot of units of enjoyment.

Jubal Van Zandt & the Garden of Time

Great news, everyone! Garden of Time (Jubal Van Zandt #4) is live and on sale for only 99 cents!

Jubal and Carina are back together and ready for adventure. With Nickie-boy mysteriously MIA (*cough*soul jar*cough*) and the Garden of Time on the horizon, surely there’s nothing that can stop this dynamic duo. All they have to do to get Jubal the extra time he needs is survive a dangerous trek across a polar ice cap, fight their way into a cave full of murderous rock formations, and defeat an immortal guardian.

Here’s a pretty picture of the cover for your judging pleasure:



I’m so excited about this one, you guys! Early reviews are in, and as usual, they’re split right down the middle: half love Jubal and hope to see him grow into something better…and half would love to see Jubal trampled into fertilizer by a pack of roving hogzillas and grown over by nice green grass.

Honestly, seeing how polarizing Jubal is has been one of my favorite things about writing his story, so after you’ve read Garden of Time, I really hope you’ll chime in on the Goodreads or Amazon page for Garden of Time to argue for supporting Jubal or murdering him in various creative ways. And be sure to include where you stand on the man bun situation: for or against? Who knows, maybe we’ll have an effect on the world of fashion while we’re at it.

Also, in honor of Garden of Time‘s release, Beautiful Corpse (JVZ #2) and Soul Jar (JVZ #3) are both on sale this week. So, if you haven’t had a chance to read those yet, be sure to grab them on the cheap.