Jubal Van Zandt & the Garden of Time

Great news, everyone! Garden of Time (Jubal Van Zandt #4) is live and on sale for only 99 cents!

Jubal and Carina are back together and ready for adventure. With Nickie-boy mysteriously MIA (*cough*soul jar*cough*) and the Garden of Time on the horizon, surely there’s nothing that can stop this dynamic duo. All they have to do to get Jubal the extra time he needs is survive a dangerous trek across a polar ice cap, fight their way into a cave full of murderous rock formations, and defeat an immortal guardian.

Here’s a pretty picture of the cover for your judging pleasure:



I’m so excited about this one, you guys! Early reviews are in, and as usual, they’re split right down the middle: half love Jubal and hope to see him grow into something better…and half would love to see Jubal trampled into fertilizer by a pack of roving hogzillas and grown over by nice green grass.

Honestly, seeing how polarizing Jubal is has been one of my favorite things about writing his story, so after you’ve read Garden of Time, I really hope you’ll chime in on the Goodreads or Amazon page for Garden of Time to argue for supporting Jubal or murdering him in various creative ways. And be sure to include where you stand on the man bun situation: for or against? Who knows, maybe we’ll have an effect on the world of fashion while we’re at it.

Also, in honor of Garden of Time‘s release, Beautiful Corpse (JVZ #2) and Soul Jar (JVZ #3) are both on sale this week. So, if you haven’t had a chance to read those yet, be sure to grab them on the cheap.

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