Advice to new writers: Don’t plagiarize. Just don’t.

This is the kind of thing that makes authors’ blood run cold…and then ticks them off immensely, even if they’re not the ones being plagiarized. It can also get you into a world of trouble, so take litRPGreview’s advice and just don’t.

GameLit reviews

Update:  Yes, the book was a plagiary.  Amazon removed it from the ebook format and reviewers have already noted that it’s a ripoff.  Strangely, not a word-for-word ripoff, but every major plot point and event was exactly the same.  She also took down her website, I’m guessing because it’s monumentally stupid to try to take a well-known author’s work and pass it off as your own.

Even weirder, the book is from someone proclaiming to be a teacher.  Don’t plagiarize is the first thing you teach in any course.

Tl;dr:  Don’t plagiarize.  If you must plagiarize, at least be creative.  Pick a book that’s out of print, maybe isn’t translated into English so you can rip it off creatively.  Don’t plagiarize a book that’s available in English in ebook format so it’s easy to check out.

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