Insanity: Week 1 Progress Report

Insanity the Workout:
To quote Shaun T, “That [stuff] is Ba. Na. Nas.” We’re still warming up and I’m dripping sweat. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but I do feel a lot better after having done it.

Insanity also is a great way to quit drinking. There’s no way somebody could do this workout and still drink every night. Even just one beer would probably kill you the next day.

Insanity the Writing:
So much easier than Insanity the Workout. Last week I wrote 7,123 words on Bad Decisions–and that’s with two days off. I’m three-quarters of the way through the story outline*, and I revise as I go, so it won’t take too much to get this edit-ready. At this rate, I might end up at the point of publishing long before my deadline.

*An outline is just the bones of the plot. It doesn’t account for how long something will take in terms of pages. I’m right at the rising action of the overall climax, though, so I assume this section will take more space than the other individual parts of the story did. Stories that don’t give enough time to the “final battle” or whatever it’s all been leading up to drive me crazy.

To keep track of both my progress with the Writing and the Workout, I made Excel charts. Exciting, right? I’m like a professional organizer or something.

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