Will Greene’s Media Launch

What is a “media launch?” Basically, this: William Greene’s Media Launch. Greene, a musician and writer friend of mine, is ready to release his first novel and musical album on the world, he just needs the backers to get the job done. He’s got incentive packages if you’d like more bang for your buck than just an incredible book and killer CD. Or if you’re a minimalist who doesn’t want a physical book and CD there are digital downloads. If you’re a patron of the arts who just wants to see good work on the market, you can donate. There’s a something for everybody, even if you just want to put $1 toward the project. Like they say, every little bit helps.

This media launch is also an example of where the publishing world can go from here. We’ve all heard that the economy is crippling brick-and-mortar publishers, we’ve all said at one time or another that the overhead those major publishers have just to keep their doors open is the reason no agent or editor is willing to take a risk on a book that really deserves it. Bookstores these days are flooded with crap imitating other crap that sold well the first time around. We, the readers and the authors, have a chance to change that, to take control and decide for ourselves whether the books we want to read get published.

All technical and revolutionary stuff aside, though, I went to Pratt with Will Greene, read hundreds of pages of his writing, and listened to his songs (often on repeat). Will’s talent for description alone will knock you on your butt, never mind his mimetic ear or his storytelling. As a musician he can cut you open, pour salt on your aching wounds, then leave you laughing. The book, Flip a Three-Sided Coin, and the album, These Days are the Old Days, are worth your time, your money, and your heart.

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