A Brief Treatise on Rules in a Developing Country

When you’re living in a house that is currently under construction by your husband and you have two small children, you end up having to make rules you would never have considered otherwise like “No eating drywall pieces, carpet fibers or nails” or “The crowbar stays in the living room.”

Making the rules isn’t that big of a deal. We’re parents and parents make ridiculously conditional rules all the time. (Just yesterday I told Oak there was no feeding Bear cell phones while I’m trying to make supper.) It’s the fact that you can’t make these rules up ahead of time that makes them such a problem. You have to wait until someone eats (or poops) a piece of drywall/carpet fibers/nails or chops through a newly painted wall with a crowbar before you even think to say it’s against the rules.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that They (the kids) have the advantage in this game. All you can do is yell loud, run fast, and hope the renovations get done soon.


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