Day Two: Reconnaissance

Well, I didn’t post yesterday, so I’m already a day behind in my 30 Days to Rebuild Jerusalem experiment. This is what I learned about each of my targets from my first reconnaissance mission.


  • eating
  • being held
  • gurgling with someone
  • waiting to eat
  • pacifiers (sometimes)
  • pooping
  • fresh fruit, cheese, milk, grape juice
  • playing outside
  • reading books with someone
  • climbing on things
  • dancing
  • waiting to eat or drink
  • coming inside
  • being ignored
  • hearing “no”
  • food
  • playing outside
  • talking about and preparing to sell this house and buy an RV
  • traveling
  • chess, yahtzee, phase 10, monopoly
  • learning computer programming
  • sex
  • going to bed
  • getting up
  • clutter
  • milk and egg-yolk products
  • illogical statements
The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
  • hearing/seeing singing, dancing, and making music in His praise
  • talking with someone
  • hanging out
  • taking care of someone’s problems for them
  • seeing someone care for others
  • being ignored
Today, or Day 3, is the day I start using the things I learned from Day Two to better love and care for my peeps. From here on out, I think that’s pretty much what it is.

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