It’s important to me that I get this out there where someone–anyone–can read it.

For Mother’s Day, Joshua, Oak and Bear took me to Columbia. We stayed in a hotel, went to the mall to buy two more of the comic book series I’m currently reading (Fables), and went to Rockbridge State Park. That’s the set-up to this story.

It was the first really nice weekend of the summer. We were stopped at a red light on the way to Rockbridge and in the lane next to us sat a guy on a crotch rocket. Suddenly this roar filled the air. At least fifty bikers on similar crotch rockets flew by. As he passed, the leader of the pack waved at the biker who was waiting patiently for his light to change as if to say, “Come on, man!” The solitary biker looked at his red light, looked behind him at the still passing group of bikers, then shot into their lane to join them.

“I saw. Awesome!”

It was, too.


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