Six-Letter Homophone for a Breakfast Staple

I think I’m in a period of transition.  At first this worried me because I want to be done with this darn romance novel so I can move on with my life (and get rich or at least pay for Josh to go back to school).  But, like sticking with one project until it’s finished, worrying doesn’t come naturally to me, so I quit.  If I finish the romance novel this year, that’s great.  If I don’t, whatevs.  I’d rather work on something when I’m obsessed with it than force anything.

Speaking of being obsessed with something:
I’m obsessed with writing graphic novels.  Probably because dialogue (Holy cow!  Googlechrome’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize dialogue as a word!) and action (the fighting kind) are my favorite parts of writing.  Also probably because I can’t draw at all, but I love people who can.

Since I suck at drawing and I don’t have the patience to write a scene for someone else to draw (I tried, but I suck at that, too), I’ve decided to write a serial story.  Each installment will be at least 400 words, but less than  700, which is a difference of 300, a number that almost makes me sick, but it’s too late to change my mind.  I hope to post the first installment tonight and another each following night until the story is done or I get tired of doing this (I hope it’s the first one, though).

Enjoy supper and, if your baby is having a growth spurt but doesn’t want to sleep, try to retain your sanity.

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