Rather than get into all the stuff I keep promising to, I’m going to let you in on something awesome I invented today: coffee candy.

The inspiration for coffee candy comes from Maggie Brown’s (a restaurant/bar near Pratt in Brooklyn).  There, after eating an $8 burger or $11 hot wings, patrons are served a delicious piece of chocolate with coffee grains in it.  Chocolate with coffee grains in it is exactly what I invented today.

I’m aware that it isn’t considered “inventing” if you just copy something someone else has already made, but I figured out how to replicate it without a recipe or any guidance, so I’m taking what I call “credit” for it.

Here’s how to enjoy some yourself:

  1. Melt some chocolate chips of your choice.  I used Milk Chocolate Chips (which I’m told you should never use for chocolate chip cookies) because that’s what I had.  I’m told some people also like Semi-Sweet Chocolate and still others like Dark Chocolate.
  2. Add the coffee grains of your choice.  I used a dark breakfast blend whose name I forget because I threw the package away back in January, but if you don’t like caffeine or you plan to eat these chocolates before going to bed, I’d suggest using your favorite decaf.
  3. Stir.
  4. Drop on wax paper or tin foil, whatever.
  5. Cool.
That’s it.  You may think I’ve got a lot of nerve taking credit for something this simple, but I may think you’re stupid.  It’s hard to say.

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