Guess Again

I’ve been thrown for another loop today after my most recent appointment with the baby doctor.  No, nothing’s wrong with Enis.  This, I think, is a bigger loop.  Today my baby doctor told me that if I don’t go into labor on my own by next weekend (one weekend before my due date), they are going to induce me.

Don’t get impatient.  Wait for the loop.  It’s coming.
Loop: They’ll induce me because Enis is on the edge of being too small.
Common sense might tell you that the wisest course of action when a baby is smaller than it should be for its gestational age is to let it bake a few more weeks.  That’s what common sense told me, anyway.  But in fact, this is risky because small babies have a higher rate of unexplained fetal death in the last few weeks of full-term pregnancies (stillbirth).
This, as you can imagine, puts a lot of pressure on me.  All along I’ve been certain that I’m going to have the baby on my super-birthday (the 19th) only to find out that that is no longer an option.  Now I not only have to re-guess and re-plan for another date, but also, try to go into labor on that date so I’ll be right.
So I’ve decided the 12th is the day.  That may mean I’ll have to go into labor on the night of the 11th, but that’s a night and number I’m willing to risk.

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