This is for all you writers out there.

Or, “Something you probably already know.”

Dear Writer Friends (and maybe Photographers),
Do you have spare time and knowledge that pertains to various and sundry subjects?  Do you want/need to make money?  Did you waste your time at your internship because it was required to graduate and not end up with a contract to write for some awesome news blog or other thing?

My answers to those questions are Maybe, Always, and Did I ever (respectively).  But I have connections that you can now benefit from.  My mother-in-law is someone who watches the evening news and reports on it regularly to me (this is my connection).  One of the most recent things she told me about was, which is a website where writers can submit short articles on various topics for varying amounts of money.  Photographers are welcome, too, I guess.

Well, that’s pretty much all I had to say.  Since I imagine you’re not quite as lazy as me, I assume you’ll all be rolling in the dough in a few days.


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